Roberston Engineering Investigations

Forensic Engineering Fire Investigation Accident Reconstruction

Product Failure Analysis

Design and Manufacture Defect Investigation

REI's staff are licensed professional engineers and are experts in analyzing failed components and systems to identify and demonstrate poor designs and/or poor manufacture. It is often useful for REI to reverse engineer these products in order to fully demonstrate how the design may be flawed. Other times it is common for REI to provide alternative designs or design modifications for a product that could have been implemented cost effectively to prevent a dangerous or flawed product from reaching the market.

Plumbing Failure Investigation

REI experts have experience with various types of plumbing products and systems, including pvc, copper, PEX and steel pipe plumbing. REI investigators have investigated the cause of various serious, large loss plumbing failures that have led to significant resultant damage.

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) SAE JI739

REI experts have experience using this SAE recommended practice in evaluating products that are on the market or heading to the market. This analysis is used to forecast how the product may fail or the effects on the consumer if it should fail. REI can make use of this analysis to identify if a manufacturer should have foreseen a preventable defect or if a manufacturer should have foreseen the need to warn and provide proper labeling to protect the consumer from a foreseeable danger.

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